Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to Hold a “Higher Life Conference UK,” in London Introduction

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is dedicated to spreading the Word of God in the whole world. He will hold an event in London at the 02 Arena. The session will run from 8th to 10th of September 2017. Chris Oyakhilome is a renowned faith healer and best-selling author. His ministry has helped millions of people who believe in Christ, all over the world.

London Event

The London event will take three days in the famous Arena. The theme of the meeting will be “Higher Life conference in the UK.” The 02 Arena is a stadium with a capacity of 20, 000 people. It is the second largest indoor seating capacity venue in the UK. Pastor Chris Okyakilome will expound on the deeper meaning of God`s higher life.

The event will replicate Chris Oyakhilome`s church services. It will begin with opening players. Later, music leaders will conduct praise and worship sessions. The conference is expected to be one of the best festive music events in the world. It will feature a variety of performances from internationally recognized gospel musicians. Healing wonders, miracles, the impartation of the Holy Spirit and interactive videos will be part of the service.

Public registration will start on 7th September 2017. Pastor Chris will hold sessions on afternoons. Each ticket will cost £1.50. Anyone who wishes to attend the three sessions will pay a total £4.50. It is important that people attend all the sessions to get full blessings. People will still receive blessings if they attend at their convenience. The service will begin at 18.00 hrs. on the 1st day, 16.00 hrs. on the 2nd day and 13.00 hrs. on the 3rd day.

Esteemed Pastors of the LoveWorld community will accompany Pastor Chris in the event. They will deliver various services such as miracles, anointing, healing, worship, preaching, speaking in tongues lessons and meditation. These men of God will teach people the meaning of Jesus, and how to walk in his path. People will learn anointed Biblical interpretations. Each session will end with a hallelujah filled with God`s power and revelation. This will invite the Holy Spirit into people`s hearts.

About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian Christian Minister. His followers and Christians all over the world know him as “Pastor Chris.” He is the founding President of Christ Embassy. The Biblical texts-based Christian congregation is officially known as Believer`s LoveWorld Incorporated. He is one of the most recognized preachers in Africa. His mission has expanded to the UK and the U.S. Pastor Chris is recognized globally because of his public services such as the InnerCity Missions. He is also a miracle healer. He has cured crippling, blood diseases, infertility, mental illnesses and blindness. The ministry of Chris Oyakhilome has millions of people who participate in the global player network.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is an experienced author. He wrote the Rhapsody of Realities. The book is a devotional material that is read on a daily basis by many people throughout the world. It has been translated into over 900 languages. InnerCity is one of his philanthropic missions that provides clothing, medicine, free education, housing and food to the needy.

LoveWorld USA

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently partnered with Pastor Benny Hinn to establish a Christian TV network in the United States. The station, LoveWorld US, features current affairs, news and Oyakhilome`s church services. It runs on Olympusat TV cable. LoveWold USA is a faith-based venture that will bring Americans closer to God. The network will deliver the message of Christ and demonstrate God`s power.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a power minister who should not be ignored. Millions of believers have been uplifted, inspired and healed through his intervention. Edwin Tillyer, a 1973 accident causality, was healed at the “Higher Life Conference UK,” that was held in 2011. Tillyer testified that God transformed him. The London event will be a one-time chance. It may be your time to redeem yourself.