First Date & 10 Tips for Avoiding First Dating Mistakes

For you men, when planning a date with a woman, whether it’s a prospective woman’s dream in our lives, or even just being yours through a marriage, there are many men who still make mistakes on their first date.
There are several questions about the first date, for example: “What is the right first date?” Where do you have to determine the best place for your first date? “” What plans do you have to arrange so that the first date goes smooth and perfect without mistakes that will ruin your first date? “” What to talk about on the first date? ”

At Info Men, I hope to help even more than you expect. Do you have questions about the first date? We will also ask to answer your question. “How many times have you planned a first date?” “How many times have you received a refusal for a first date?” The conclusion was: it turned out that there were quite a lot of problems that were quite annoying just for the first date. Some reasons for rejecting a first date from a woman include: he said he was tired, busy, there was another event, or “this is not the right time, just next time”. You have to really find out the reasons he put forward so that the refusal of your request for a first date can happen. In this case you must be really sensitive and learn to tolerate.
When he said “Yes”, what should you do? The following are some tips and reminders to help make your first date a success:

10 Tips on the First Date Way

1. Plan well for your first date. Determine when and where the first date will be made. Try to choose a location that is comfortable and conducive to having a conversation. Watching movies that are popular is not good for your first two dates, because there you will only be staring at the screen all night. Choosing a place where you can work together will be better than watching a movie. Even if you don’t have in common, you can at least laugh at each other when you have trouble doing activities that you really can’t understand.

2. The obligation of men to pay receipts. Even if he offers and insists on paying for your two meal bills.

3. Confidence. No need to be awkward anymore, because he already said “Yes”. That means, he wants to be somewhere with you for a first date.

4. Dress impressively. You don’t need to wear a suit and tie to a local pub, but it doesn’t hurt to wear perfume and wear a shirt that doesn’t look like a nightdress.

5. Timely. Don’t think that women also have to be on time. But be careful in drawing conclusions about the conditions that are more absolute in time apply to men. if he’s late, maybe it’s just because he doesn’t want to appear before you arrive at your first date.

6. Attentive. Ask questions that are not too detailed on your first date. Your obligation is to hear, answer when asked, and know when you have to stop the questions that will make him cornered.

7. Use the right praise. He may have done some of the best effort for your first date, because it’s very appropriate for him to get praise from you. Avoid lists of praise that sound too physical. The words “beautiful” will be far better than “sexy” or even “voluptuous”

8. Prove that the knight is not dead. Of course, he’s an independent woman. That doesn’t mean if you don’t have to open the car door or provide a seat for him.

9. Say good night. Don’t let the night end without closing. Say good night to just repeat a thank you for an impressive first date.

10. Follow up. Ignore the “wait three days” rule. If you feel you have the right time, let him know what you feel right now, but remember … do it gradually.
The importance of determining a memorable first date method
The first night can almost be equated with “first sight”. Think and do first date ways well. Leave an impression that might not be forgotten throughout your life. Women are women, and every woman deserves the best for her. Don’t waste the best opportunity by ignoring some mistakes on the first date that will damage your relationship and your dream woman later on.