Trade X1 Makes Online Trading Easy

If you are interested in trading all sorts of assets online, such as gold, silver or oil; make withdrawals as well as secure deposits, all this and more is possible with Trade X1.

Facilitated Account Opening

It may sound hard and stressful opening a trading account, right?

– Not at all!

With us, it is possible for you to totally avoid the long waits and bureaucracy of standard account opening. It now takes only a couple of minutes to activate your own account by simply providing Trade X1 your official ID. In addition to the facilitated account opening process, you will have the security and comfort of completing the registration in a number of official country languages throughout the world.

Access to Advanced Trading Tools

Trade X1 is considered to be one of the top online Forex brokers, which constantly targets securing the very best and credible trader environment that promotes trading with confidence. For this very reason, our online Forex broker offers tools that make possible performance-enhancing and the top cutting-edge tools and services for online transactions. We offer one-click trading, multiple simultaneous strategy implementation, tick data access with almost no delay, real-time quote monitoring as well as several other online services. All these features and more can be accessed through the on-the-go mobile app.


You are able to experience the efficiency of our forex and CFD trading platform, which has won several awards.

Being an award-winning CFD and forex trading platform, TradeX1 upholds its dedication to preserving the very safest trading environment, where traders are able to focus on investments they made and will make without having to worry about other issues or concerns. TradeX1 is able to provide individuals with peace of mind no matter how much money they have or level of trading experience in beginning their own investment plan and strategy while firmly and steadily growing each individual’s portfolio.

The innovative investment tools found on our site to make advantages for your own economic growth possible as well as multiple possibilities of experimenting with new techniques and trading strategies. It is a very simple concept – the only thing you need to do is all you must do is apportion funds and decide on the best trading strategy.

If doubts or questions should arise, or if you are in need of assistance about your assets, you are able to ask for the assistance to any available TradeX1 trained professional.

In order to open your trading account, you will only need to provide an official ID copy in color. Accepted IDs include your driving license, identity card or passport.

Our online Forex broker, which targets securing the best trader environment in terms of productivity and trustworthiness. For this reason, we will always offer multiple kinds of account plans, which are designed to meet the specific requirements in style as well as the financial targets of each individual trader. It is possible to complete your registration at our website, or by using our app on your tablet or smartphone.