The Healing School of Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. and Christ Embassy, is a man of God who is ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will listen. He is not only a pastor, but he is also a teacher, healing minister, best-selling author, and television host. He has a deep desire to reach out to the people in the world and to help them find their way back to the fold. He has been ministering to God’s people for over 30 years and continues to be a beacon to those in search of a Higher Power.

He believes that if people will just open their hearts and minds, which they will be able to receive the great blessings that the Lord has to offer. He uses the many tools available in our modern day such as the media to reach out to those who are heartbroken, struggling, and who need encouragement. With a little encouragement and a gentle nudge in the right direction, he believes that a person can partake of the great blessings and miracles that our Savior has to offer.

The Healing School is a ministry of Pastor Chris and sessions are held every u=year in Toronto, Canada, and in Johannesburg, South Africa. These sessions reach thousands of people, and many receive healing and witness miracles.

This Healing Ministry is committed to healing people from many different nations through the miraculous works of Christ.

Ministers from all over the world attend the Healing School through the Visitation Program which gives them the opportunity to see for themselves all of the wonderful and miraculous works of the Spirit.

Pastor Chris also utilizes the power of technology to reach out to those seeking a greater purpose in life and the teachings of Christ. He has pioneered the very first 24-hour Christian Network out of Africa. Since 2003 when it was founded, the network has spread to several satellite stations including LoveWorld TV located in the United Kingdom, LoveWorld Canada, and LoveWorld USA, just to name a few. Thanks to the convenience of television, many people all over the world have been able to receive the divine message that the networks have to share and it has changed the lives of many for the better.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has written the best-selling Rhapsody of Realities, which has become the Number 1 Daily Devotional. It is distributed around the world monthly and is available in over 800 different languages. It also has over a billion copies distributed worldwide. The wonderful and inspiring Rhapsody of Realities is easy to access from any device with the app. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices so that no matter how busy life gets, it’s possible to read the daily devotional on-the-go if necessary. Although it is best to set some quiet time aside to study the word of God, it is still better to at least read the scriptures, even if it means on the run. The main thing is to read the Bible every day and to nourish the Spirit continuously. Many people do not do this, and their Spirits are basically starving for the word of God.

These programs are also available on many different platforms, and the Pastor also hosts the flagship program, “Atmosphere for Miracles.” This program showcases the miracles of Christ and reaches out to those in the United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, as well as all over the globe. This daily program makes it possible for millions of homes to experience the divine nature of Christ and helps them to grow their faith.