Dating Tips for Non-Thick Pockets

Find a place where you can volunteer. Look for soft moments where you can appreciate your neighbors and visit nursing homes or visit children in an orphanage.
So, no one tells you that marriage is a job? That dating doesn’t end when the prince marries us? Say dating generally includes watching movies and snacks. If something like this is done every week how much should be spent in a year?
Save on tickets to watch your movie and try the following suggestions. Dating someone you love can be memorable and cheap.

Night of togetherness
Once a month, or more, invite several other couples to play the game. Ask each pair to bring food and drinks. You can even invite all your children and caregivers. This method allows parents to have the opportunity to chat and have fun.

Progressive dinner
Each pair enters into the box. You walk to the city center or to the mall and buy appetizers at the first stop, then you enter at the next stop, buy snacks and end up with ice cream or at the pastry shop. The rule is that everyone must eat, and you cannot spend more than what is in the box. This is a game and very fun! We tried this and laughed at our ignorance.

Exchange pairs
This method needs to involve other partners, so if you don’t have friends, try looking for some. Take advantage of overnight in a month, or more, to take care of other spouse’s children. By exchanging caregivers can reduce your dating expenses: paying for a baby sitter is not cheap.

Date by doing service
Look for a place anywhere you can volunteer. Look for soft moments where you can appreciate your neighbors and visit nursing homes or visit children in an orphanage. This method can strengthen your love for them. This needs to be done by each pair.

To the museum
I know, museums for some people are very boring, but listen to my explanation. When you go together and feel something very different than you have ever experienced, this can be very enjoyable. Go round and round and see. I really enjoyed the classic car on display at the museum we visited.

Blend with nature
Climb, go on a picnic to the park, take a walk on the beach. That method can give you plenty of time to talk. Bring a notebook and write some fun questions that you can submit to each other. Take advantage of this time to truly understand each other.

Be as silly as possible
Skate in winter and look for a good hill. Go to the mini golf course. Look for parks and play swings. Play a water balloon war. One of the things I like most is shopping in the summer, as a surprise location I invited my husband to play a water gun and the fight began.

Prepare candles, dinner for two, and some romantic music. Sit and eat in front of the fireplace or
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Make her fall in love with you again – Romantic tips to try on your girlfriend

Once you’re in a long term relationship, after few years of staying together, you might notice that your partner doesn’t give that same romantic glance at you that she gave few years back. Well, your hairline might be receding or you might have gained few pounds but you still have that in you. Then why does she seem to be less interested in you and more interested in watching Netflix?

Well, you needn’t worry as you still have the power and ability to shift her focus back on you by being the hot hunk that you used to be when you swept her off her feet. So, what are the romantic steps that you can take in order to get her fall for you again? Here are few points to take into account.

  • Groom yourself to become a better and smart person

Do you remember the time when you used to brag about not taking a shower for 3 days? Well, if answered yes, then this is the time to stop such things. Showering is definitely good and your girlfriend will always appreciate it when you do it regularly. Make sure your nails and hair are neat and trimmed. Brush your teeth properly to whiten them, moisturize your skin and keep mints at the right place.


  • Try and shed those pounds

Did you gain pounds after your wedding? Once you start working out and doing exercises, you will find your flab melting down and you’ll then find your partner showering you with praises as she will not get to touch all your body parts which are newly toned. As you begin to notice the difference in stamina and the way in which your clothes fit to your body, you will find her get interested towards your new look.


  • Get yourself some new clothes

Although you may feel that it’s great that your football jersey still fits you but don’t you think it’s high time that you get them off your wardrobe and buy something new? No, we’re not asking you to become a male model but you can definitely change the staples and freshen up your wardrobe. How about a crispy white shirt, a pair of well-fitted jeans, a suit, a pair of khakis and a new pair of shoes?

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How to Love without Breaking the Bank

It’s difficult to stay in a relationship without breaking the bank, but it’s possible. Dealing with money matters in a relationship isn’t easy. You need to figure out who settles what bills—and that’s the tricky part—more so if one person makes or earns a lot more cash than the other. Because you have to keep things going, you have to find a solution that works for the two of you and discuss arising issues like rent increases or any extra bills.

However, one thing you two should know when trying to find this balance is no single remedy works for all couples. The reason is simple; situations are never same across the board. So if you’re under pressure to find a way to handle finances in your relationship, here are a few tips;

Be upfront about your financial status

If your relationship is built on honesty, then there’s no harm disclosing to your partner what you do or how much you earn? This way, your partner learns what you are capable of; and know when they are asking for more than you can afford.

Share costs depending on your earnings

If both of you make money, then cost-sharing is a good idea. If he pays for a date this time, make sure next time you sort the bills when you go out.  Of course, the one that earns more gets to sort the huger bills; and the vise-versa is true.

Don’t let the man pay for everything

The idea that the man should handle all bills is quite misleading. Stand for yourself and you two even if he is always willing to do or pay everything for you. This way, you help him save and build his confidence in you knowing you can always be relied on when times are tough.

Learn (and train your partner) to spend within your means

Sometimes you have to break the bank just because you don’t want to annoy or let down your partner. But the truth is; you can’t live like a superstar on a bartender’s salary! And if you tried, you’d be dead broke in a day or two. So you better accept who you are and teach your partner to live with what you can afford.


Managing funds in a relationship is only as easy as the two of make it. If you don’t know how to go about it, then you can seek financial advice from experts like EMB. We also provide adult merchant accounts to adult service providers to ensure your relationship needs are catered for.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas co-founded eMerchantBroker, America’s leading adult merchant account provider serving both traditional and high-risk merchants. His passions include producing music, and traveling to far off exotic places. 

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